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Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu Province, inspects and guides the work of the SILK

Release time:2020-03-18 13:55:33      hit count:1953

      On the afternoon of March 17, 2020, the 19th Central Committee Member, Deputy Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and Governor Wu Zhenglong served as Mayor Zhuang Zhaolin, Deputy Secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee, Gaoshan, and Secretary of the Xinyi Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee. Accompanied by leaders such as Lin, he went to Jiangsu Salk Group Corporation to inspect and guide Salk Group's "new crown pneumonia" epidemic prevention and control, and resume work and resume production.


      Sun Derong, chairman of Jiangsu Silk Group, and Sun Deming, general manager of the group, warmly welcomed the leadership of Governor Wu Zhenglong and his party to the group for work inspection and guidance.


      The leading team inspected the first appearance of the textile factory in the north-south main road of the group. The focus came to the group's chemical fiber factory. Chairman Sun Derong reported to the governor of Wu. After the "new crown pneumonia" epidemic, the Salk Group According to the instructions of the superiors, the “Serke Group's New Crown Epidemic Prevention Leading Group” was quickly established with the chairman as the group leader, scientifically deployed the epidemic prevention and control work, arranged information collection for more than a thousand employees who were on vacation, and contacted employees via WeChat Groups, video conferences, and other media communicated epidemic prevention and control knowledge and work deployment. Through the proactive response to the epidemic prevention and control in the early stage, more than a thousand employees of the group did not have an infection, which laid a solid foundation for the rapid resumption of production and production of the entire group in the later stage.


      General Manager Sun Deming briefed Governor Wu Zhenglong on the overall status of the Salk Group and the current development status of the ultra-imitation cotton project. In the unfavorable situation of the outbreak crisis, the Salk Group quickly responded to the market and responded to the situation quickly. Investigate and judge, and actively organize resumption of work and production to achieve economic construction and epidemic prevention and control.


      After Governor Wu Zhenglong led the delegation to enter the important production area of the super-imitation cotton project-the texturing workshop, the chairman and general manager of the group company introduced to Governor Wu the intelligent and advanced equipment and the domestic and international achievements in the process of R & D and innovation. Technological breakthroughs to improve the production process and technology of chemical fiber to obtain cotton fabric properties, thereby replacing cotton and saving arable land, especially the "recycled series products" developed in 2019 have further promoted the development of circular economy and environmental protection economy. The Governor of Wu Province asked while walking, and affirmed and appreciated the technological innovation, product advancement, innovative and environmentally friendly exploration and development of Salk Company, and took the road of innovation and development. To problems and difficulties.


      After stepping out of the bomb production workshop, Governor Wu Zhenglong immediately convened the accompanying leaders to carry out work deployment and instructions. Jiangsu Salk Group could rely on its own rapid resumption of work and production in the current adverse market economy and adhere to the epidemic prevention. Control and economic construction are both hard and correct, and have taken a good lead. At present, they have achieved good results and set an example for other enterprises. From the initial response to the provincial government's call for the "transfer of southern Jiangsu industries to northern Jiangsu" rooted in Xinyi, to today's technology-based innovative enterprise groups that have been able to withstand market storms, government departments at all levels must provide continuous support and assistance. In particular, it is necessary to give priority to enterprises in raising funds and helping them with difficulties, promote the healthy development of enterprises after resumption of work and production, and play a positive role in driving the province's economic development.


      At the end of the inspection and guidance of the Salk Group, Governor Wu held the hand of Chairman Sun Derong and said kindly: "To seize all the favorable factors of the market and continuously improve the strength of the enterprise to develop the economy, according to its own reality, we must With its own characteristics of the enterprise, it is closely tied to the center of economic development, and actively relies on scientific and technological productivity to make the company stronger and larger. When encountering difficulties in the development of the enterprise, it can actively reflect to leaders at all levels. We will always care about and support the enterprise. Growth and development. "


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